Synopsis: Free Apple ID are essential for installing iOS apps from app store. If you own an Apple devices and want to create free Apple ID, then this article will be really fruitful for you. As we know, without Apple ID, you cannot download apps from app store. Creating Apple ID is compulsory for you to fully enjoy your iOS device.

If you had attempted to make Apple ID earlier then you might have been asked to enter your credit card details. I’m sure not all of us have Visa Card. However, making apple is a lot more easier without using your credit card details but you have to follow certain steps as mentioned below:

Steps to make free Apple ID: 

Open iTunes and go to App store.

Select any FREE app to download(not Paid).

Click on Get.

A dialog box will appear. Since you don’t have Apple ID, you cannot log in so you have to create one.

Click on Create Apple ID.

Now, a new link will appear as shown below. Click on Continue.

Read the License Agreement and Agree the terms to proceed ahead.

Fill up the necessary details and click on Continue.

You will be directed to the payment info. Most of us don’t know how to proceed forward from here.

Did you notice the NONE? This option is available only since you tried to download a free app. If you had created directly then you won’t get this NONE option.

Fill up the necessary details. Don’t worry it won’t ask you to enter your credit card details. Finally, click on Continue.

Remember, you can also change your country.

Finally, go to your inbox and validate your email address.

Once, you validate your email address, you can log in and start installing apps. This is the easiest way to create a free Apple ID. I did this in iTunes but you can also do this from your phone directly. Always remember to start the process by trying to download Free App from App store.

If there are other techniques of creating Apple ID, do share with us in the comments below.

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